January & February 2018


CIRCLES & WIGS, Make / Shift, FELT Galleri, Bergen, Norway 
Solo Exhibition, four day performative collaborative installation

Opening Thursday October 19th, 2017



Great and North, curated by Francesca Valente

Imago Mundi - Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Venice, Italy

August 29 - October 29 2017




REDDISH, Solo Exhibition, Michael Gibson Gallery

April 6 - April 29, 2017, London Ontario

Opening Thursday April 6th, from 8pm - 10pm


CANADIAN ART Must Sees This Week, April 6-12 2017


Abstracts combine paint, collage I The London Free Press




CIRCLES & WIGS, C Magazine Contemporary Art Auction

April 18, 2017, Division Gallery, Toronto




Imago Mundi, Out of the Bush Garden, Central-Eastern Canada

Luciano Benetton Collection, Curated by Francesca Valente

Texts by Luciano Benetton, Francesca Valente, Peggy Gale


CIRCLES & WIGS, Collaboration with Jessica Groome, Boston, MA

December 2016, Foam Factory

For You / And Me, Group Exhibition at Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary AB

October 22 - November 12, 2016

Opening Saturday October 22nd 2016 2-5pm


Sarah Cale (Toronto), Mark Clintberg (Calgary), Jessica Groome (Toronto/Berlin), Tiziana La Melia (Vancouver), Deirdre McAdams (Vancouver), Erica Mendritzki (Winnipeg), Sondra Meszaros (Calgary), Les Ramsay (Vancouver) and Jim Verburg (Toronto). Curated by Ashleigh Bartlett.

After the death of Blinky Palmero in 1977, Imi Knoebel created a series of monochromatic shaped paintings titled, "24 colors for Blinky" as a tribute to his friend. Making an artwork as a dedication is an intimate gesture that forms complex, interesting and personal relationships. For You / And Me, suggests a give and take, and highlights an exchange between artists and their influences. This exhibition, composed of nine Canadian artists, explores what it means to learn, communicate and create parallels with something or someone they're devoted to. Interested in the ways in which artists create a correspondence with a person, history, subject or movement, the exhibition explores a multitude of approaches in art making within the sphere of an homage. For You / And Me presents work in painting, drawing, collage, and sculpture. 




CIRCLES & WIGS, Collaboration with Jessica Groome in Berlin, Germany

September 2016


  • We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.
  • Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien. L’an dernier, le Conseil a investi 153 millions de dollars pour mettre de l’art dans la vie des Canadiennes et des Canadiens de tout le pays.



Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Emerging Artist Award, 2016


CRANK THAT, Group Exhibition, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary AB

May 14 - May 31st, 2016

Opening Saturday May 14th 2-5pm

Ashleigh Bartlett, Robin Deyo, John Eisler, Geoffrey Hunter and Mark Mullin


Esker Foundation Public Programs, Stripes to the Right: Painting Workshop

April 30th, 2016



NIGHT MOVES, Solo Exhibition at Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary AB

January 16th - February 20th 2016

Opening Saturday January 16th 2-5pm

NIGHT MOVES, Exhibition Essay by Jessica Groome:


The moon casts shadows of garden plants on the studio wall. These shifting projections transform with the duration of night: they grow and change by the hour. The observation of this nocturnal metamorphosis, as well as Paul Klee’s Growth of the Night Plants (1922) are the inspiration for Bartlett’s new exhibition Night Moves.


Employing a vocabulary of rehearsed, borrowed and improvised forms, Bartlett’s process-based paintings rely on play and imagination. Thin, textured washes overlap, revealing a multitude of mark-making strategies including brushstrokes, roller tracks and paint drips. Each wash is simultaneously a window where lush compositions unfold, and overlapping layers of synthetic colour develop a strange sense of artificial light.


Looking through the foliage, two hands caterpillar into the foreground. They call to mind images of the artist working: a stop-motion replay of the paintings having been made. The recurring hands function as sympathetic characters where the viewer can inhabit the painter’s perspective, responding to the nighttime theatrics of leafy shadow puppets.




Growing Pains, collected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Canada.



October 23-26, 2015, Opening Preview: October 22, 2015
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Michael Gibson Gallery Booth C9



THE SCHOOL SHOW, Michael Gibson Gallery, London ON

September 8th - September 26th 2015

Ashleigh Bartlett, Greg Curnoe, James Kirkpatrick, John Kissick, Wanda Koop, Jason McLean, Ron Moppett, Mark Mullin, Erik Olson






September 2015, Self Directed Artist Residency on Toronto Island


Five Points Gallery, Torrington CT USA  

August 6th - September 5th 2015

Juried by Jaclyn Conley and Ann Temkin




Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary AB

July 4th - August 1st 2015



CIRCLES & WIGS, with Jessica Groome

HPI Window Gallery, Toronto ON

Opening May 1st 2015





Ashleigh Bartlett & Jessica Groome


1. Describe something you are currently interested in.


We are interested in collaboration as two artists with solitary studio practices. As besties working in different countries, we navigate the collaborative process with a light-hearted and casual attitude using text messaging, Skype and email to discuss and explore the relationships between our work.


2. Describe an artwork or artwork series you are currently working on.


Recently, a shared desire to focus on the peripheral elements of our practices, such as works on paper, installation and collage, lead us to create a body of work and exhibition titled Circles & Wigs at Jessica’s studio and window gallery at the beginning of May. The title started off as a joke that we began to take seriously, generating a premise for our collaboration: one of us made circles while the other made wigs. We wondered what would happen with the simple gesture of joining these two things. After months of long-distance planning, we started playing with our respective pieces once reunited in person, paying close attention to rhythm, negative space as well as formal and chromatic considerations. We made decisions quickly, trying multiple approaches, until the work became visually active. Circles & Wigs allowed us to combine our energy to make something new together, creating connections and an exciting body of work between two different practices. We look forward to continuing this project and seeing where it takes us next.




Curated by Kristy Trinier

January 24 - May 3 2015, The Art Gallery of Alberta


Canadian Art Online


Edmonton Journal




Abstract painter catches the eye of the Canadian art world



October 24-27, 2014, Opening Preview: October 23, 2014
Metro Toronto Convention Centre






September 9 - October 8 2014, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts


Canadian Art Online


The Globe and Mail


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts




Image from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Website





September 13th - October 4th, 2014




SLED ISLAND VISUAL ARTS 2014, Summer Friends Gang XXL- Outdoor Installation,

Opening June 21st, 7pm 


VIsual Art at Sled Island by Andrea Williamson, Akimbo, Akimblog


Image Credit: Andrea Williamson




Border Crossings, Volume 32, Number 4, December 2013






INFINITE LOOP, Video Production Workshop + Exhibition

EM MEDIA Media Arts and Alberta Culture Days, Group Exhibition in Memorial Park September 28, 2013

Curated by Justin Waddell







Grindstugan Guest Studio, Konstepidemin Artist Residency in Gothenburg, Sweden.




International Residency at Konstepidemin in Gothenburg, Sweden, made possible by funding for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.


SOLO EXHIBITION, Michael Gibson Gallery, London, Ontario

July 5 - 27, 2013, Opening on July 12th




MADE IN ALBERTA: PART IV, Group Exhibition

Part IV, Made in Alberta Exhibition at The Art Gallery of Calgary

March 22, 2013 – May 4, 2013


Ashleigh Bartlett, Blair Brennan, Mark Dicey, Dan Hudson, Mona Kamal, Kristopher Karklin, Kris Lindskoog, Walter May, Brennan McGillicuddy, Robyn Moody, Wil Murray








The Black and the White: An Allegory of Colour

June 15 – September 5, 2011

Guest curated by Robert Enright  


Ashleigh Bartlett, Hyang Cho, Susan Dobson, Maura Doyle, Brad Emsley, Will Gorlitz Sarah Kernohan, Shane Krepakevich, Jenn E Norton, Martin Pearce, Ibrahim Rashid


"When we use the expression, 'it's black and white,' we speak through a scrim of certainty. We know what we mean; we can easily assign value; we can even remember a time when the words had a moral connotation. But what if the terms are constantly moving, what if their meanings are contingent and provisional, maybe even reversible? What if they are susceptible to all kinds of blur? The eleven artists who are exhibiting in the 5th KW|AG Biennial recognize the transitory nature of the black and the white. Within what is a limited palette, they have been able to make myriad, and dramatic, meanings. Things are what they seem, and then they are much more. It's in this expansive sense that I am using the term allegory. Allegory is supplement and excess and replacement.  Are porcelain bones about making or disappearing? What do portraits of people who have their eyes closed tell us about them, and about us? Who is looking the hardest; who understands the most? What do dead animals in snow tell us about the world we live in, and the world we are leaving for others to live in? What is a painting that is a photograph that is a drawing? What happens when something never stops being replicated? What is black and white?"


-Robert Enright



Canadian Art Online